Why has life been termed as a gamble 1 point?

What does CV Raman consist of happiness?

Answer: I am happy that I am still able to sleep at night provided I have a three mile walk in the evening. … We think that happiness consists in going to pictures and seeing thrilling films and techni -colour dramas. Not at all, the great things in life are the God-given things which cost nothing .

What has inspired CV Raman in his life?

He dedicated his entire life toward light and sound. He was a mere student when he started investigating about the two fields. In 1907, Raman joined the Indian Finance Department for earning his livelihood. … Raman Effect was inspired by the blue colour of the glaciers and the sea.

How does C.V. Raman’s speech inspire us he tells us?

(c) How does C.V. Raman’s speech inspire us ? … (c) In his speech, C.V. Raman told us the easiest way to enjoy life, we should enjoy the common things of life, love and appreciate nature, appreciate it’s wonderful gifts, marvellous ingenuity, resourcefulness, and infinite variety.

How was C.V. Raman’s childhood?

During his childhood, C.V. Raman had no clothes, no books, no conveyance. He had to walk along miles even without an umbrella. Life has been termed as a gamble as it is not sure that the intelligent or the strong would certainly succeed in life.

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What according to CV Raman is the elixir of life?

According to Sir C.V. Raman, water is the elixir of life. … The moisture in the soil is imperative for the life and growth of plants and trees. The vast areas of land could be turned into fertile and prosperous land by well-planned action. Water is the commonest of liquids.

Which one of the below was founded by CV Raman?

He founded the Indian Academy of Sciences the same year. He established the Raman Research Institute in 1948 where he worked to his last days.

C. V. Raman.

Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman Kt
Known for Raman effect
Spouse(s) Lokasundari Ammal (1908–1970)
Children Chandrasekhar Raman and Venkatraman Radhakrishnan