Where can I cash a DC lottery ticket?

Where do I claim my lottery winnings in DC?

Prize claims of any amount can be mailed to the DC Lottery’s Prize Center. Players seeking to claim prizes of $5,000 or larger should contact the Prize Center at 202-645-8000 for additional guidance.

Where can I cash my lottery ticket over $600?

Players with prizes valued at $600 or more can claim in-person via walk-in at Lottery Headquarters or any district office during normal Lottery business hours.

Can I get my lottery winnings in cash?

Prizes up to $1000 can be claimed at any NSW Lotteries retail outlet in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. Prizes of up to $500 can be claimed at any SA Lotteries retail outlet. Prizes between $500 and $5000 can be also be claimed in-store at the retailer’s discretion.

How much taxes do you pay on lottery winnings in DC?

For winnings of more than $5,000 the DC Lottery withholds 8.5 percent of lottery winnings for District income taxes. District tax withholding rates are subject to change in accordance with DC Tax and Revenue regulations and District Law.

Do you have to disclose lottery winnings in DC?

In the District of Columbia when a lottery winner comes forth, the winner must reveal his or her identity to the public. However because this group of winners all work for the District of Columbia in the area public safety, they thought it best to collect their prize under the protection of anonymity.

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