What was Bonds tell in Casino Royale?

What did M Tell Bond about Vesper?

What does M say about Vesper? He meant that M was right that Vesper was being played by Quantum (and her “boyfriend”) and that she genuinely loved Bond and wasn’t trying to deceive him by pretending to love him.

Why did James Bond say Mathis?

When Bond tries to rescue the kidnapped Vesper, Le Chiffre captures him and remarks, “your friend Mathis is really my friend Mathis.” This is a lie told to conceal that Vesper is the real traitor. … Two MI6 agents taser Mathis and drag him away.

What does Le Chiffre notice about Bond when he returns to the poker table after the fight?

18) What does Le Chiffre notice about Bond when he returns to the poker table after the fight? LE CHIFFRE: You changed your shirt, Mr. Bond. I hope our little game isn’t causing you to perspire.

How did Vesper betray bond?

Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale betrayed James Bond by embezzling money in order to save his life, as she was threatened with his death if she did not. Daniel Craig played James Bond in the 2006 film, Casino Royale.

Is Mathis a bad guy in James Bond?

No, Mathis was loyal MI6.

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Their entire conversation is Vesper manipulating Bond so that he’ll come after her.

Is Vesper really dead?

In the franchise’s storied 58-year history, 007 has never actually died. … That film ends with the revelation that Bond’s first true love, Vesper, was being blackmailed by a villainous figure. At their behest, she worked to entrap Bond but later sacrificed her life in order to save his.

Who texted James at the end of Casino Royale?

The Sony Ericsson M600i (in chrystal white color) is the mobile phone used by Vesper (Eva Green) in the James Bond film Casino Royale. In one of the last scenes the SMS sound can be heard and Bond picks up the phone and reads a message that suddenly makes him understand the real intentions of his Bond-girl.