You asked: How much is Mozzart jackpot bonus?

Is there any bonus in Mozzart jackpot?

The Mozzart Super Grand Jackpot has huge bonuses too.

Players who correctly predict 0, 17, 18, & 19 matches will be entitled to a cash prize bonus which is also shared equally between the number of winners.

How is Mozzart bonus calculated?

How to calculate your Mozzart Refund Cash Back bonus? At Mozzart Bet every time you Lose ONE game in your multi bet of 4 games and above, you will get a Mozzart Refund if your total won odds are 29 and above. NOTE: We do not count the odds of that lost game in your bet slip.

How do I claim my bonus on Mozzart?

The bonus awaits you every Monday and it can be yours in a few easy steps:

  1. Log into your account on
  2. Click on the Bonus icon.
  3. Take your bonus.
  4. After receiving the notification, refresh the page.

Does Betlion daily jackpot have bonuses?

The daily Jackpot does not have bonuses.

Does Mozzart jackpot have double chance?

It is allowed to bet on combinations, double outcome (double), provided that each new combination costs 20 Kshs. The amount of the Mozzart Super Jackpot prize is fixed to 20 million Kshs and will be divided/shared equally between the number of winners.

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What is the maximum stake in Mozzart?

The stake in Mozzartbet Super Jackpot is fixed and amounts to 30.00 KES, while the maximum amount of winning that may be paid out to a bettor is 10,000,000.00 KES. If there is more than one winning ticket in a single round, the amount of 10,000,000.00 KES shall be equally divided to all tickets.

What happens if you lose a game Betika?

If you place a multi-bet of between 7 to 10 games and lose one game, you will get 100% of your stake back as bonus. If you place a multi-bet of 11 games and above and lose one game, you will get 200% of the stake back as bonus.

How is Mozzart Monday bonus awarded?

Happy Monday Bonus is not awarded to all users every Monday. A bonus is awarded to players based on several game parameters! If you are not awarded a bonus today, you may be one of the users who will be awarded a bonus one of the following Mondays. Good luck in the game!

How do I claim my Sunbet bonus?

A single qualifying deposit of the stipulated amount or more is required in order to claim the bonus. A customer needs to have wagered their initial deposit plus bonus at least once. For example: if you deposit R500 to get a R500 bonus, you will be required to wager the total amount of R1000 to qualify for withdrawal.

How do I install Mozzart app?

How to download Mozzart bet app from Google Play Store

  1. Log into your Google Play Store app on your phone.
  2. Go to the search option and input Mozzartbet app Kenya, and click search.
  3. It will bring you a number of app options. …
  4. It will take you to the app, and install option.
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