What will happen because Clyde Dunbar broke his leg in the lottery?

What had happened to Clive Dunbar in the lottery?

All the people in the township would have to carry stones to Dunbar’s house, where he would either be in bed or resting in a chair, and stone him to death there. Since he had a broken leg, it would be impossible for him to run for his life when he saw the mob approaching.

Why is Clyde Dunbar absent to the lottery?

Summers, the man who presides over the lottery, must ensure that everyone is accounted for. On one particular occasion, a man named Clyde Dunbar is absent. Accordingly, Dunbar has broken his leg, and so, he cannot attend the drawing.

Who will draw for Clyde Dunbar?

Clyde Dunbar’s wife and the only woman to draw in the lottery. Husbands, as the heads of households, draw for their families. A grown son might also take on this role, but the Dunbars’ children are too young. Mrs.

How does Janey Dunbar feel about drawing?

Janey Dunbar’s response to Mr. Summers’s inquiry reveals that she is reluctant and hesitant to draw for her family. Janey does not come across as enthused and is rather unwilling to draw for her family.

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Who broke their leg in the lottery?

Clyde Dunbar’s wife drew for him because he couldn’t attend.

Clyde Dunbar broke his leg and is not able to attend the village’s annual lottery.

What does it mean that the Watson boy is drawing?

After Mr. Summers asks if the “Watson boy” will be drawing for his family that year, the boy goes forward to draw for himself and his mother, indicating that his father has died. The reverence that the other villagers show Jack displays how drawing for one’s family serves as a sign of honor and sacrifice.

Who almost missed the lottery drawing in the lottery?

Mrs. Hutchinson almost misses the lottery. She complains that she almost forgot what day it was. How does Old Man Warner react when he finds out that “…

Who was not present for the lottery?

Clyde Dunbar was not present at the lottery this year because he broke his leg and is not able to move around easily. 8.

Who is not attending the lottery and why?

While Tessie Hutcherson, the eventual victim, is late to the lottery, the only character not in attendance is Clyde Dunbar, who broke his leg.

Who has no children in the lottery?

Summers Quotes. He was a round-faced, jovial man and he ran the coal business, and people were sorry for him, because he had no children and his wife was a scold. The narrator introduces Mr.

What does Mr Summers look like in the lottery?

Mr. Summers is described as “a roundfaced,jovial man.” But as the story goes on, we see that Mr. Summers is not so jovial and not so leisurely. He is the person who keeps the lottery organized and moving along, and seems “very proper and important,” as he spoke to people.

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