What is special about the Gamble House?

What makes The Gamble House special?

The architecture of The Gamble House is especially distinctive and significant for its straightforward, unadorned expression of these materials, and for its open arrangement of living spaces with numerous links to sleeping porches and terraces to take maximum advantage of the mild climate of the region.

How much does The Gamble House cost?

Charles Greene believed that “doors should be interesting in themselves and not merely holes of entrance and exit.” When it was built, The Gamble House cost $50,400 the garage (which now houses the bookstore), $3,700. The entire project, house, garage, furniture and landscaping cost $79,000.

Why is the Gamble house famous?

The Gamble House, which was built by the Greene Brothers for the Proctor and Gamble family in 1908, is known as one of the most authentic and well-preserved examples of the Arts and Crafts movement that spread like a wildfire in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Pasadena.

How long did it take to build the Gamble House?

Construction began in early 03/1908 and was complete ten months later. The Gambles traveled for 6 months in the Far East while the house was being built; they moved into their new residence a month early.

Who owns the Gamble House?

The Gamble House will continue to be owned by the City of Pasadena, while daily operations will be overseen by the newly formed Gamble House Conservancy. The change of administration is the result of an agreement between the City of Pasadena and USC following discussions over more than 18 months.

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