You asked: How do I apply for a Genting casino card?

How do you get Genting points at a casino?

To earn Genting Points (GP), use your Genting Rewards card in your purchase of hotel room, food and beverage, transport, entertainment, shopping or when you see outlets displaying “Genting Rewards Accepted Here” sticker or signs at the resort. You will be awarded with 1GP for every RM100 spent at participating outlets.

How much are Genting points worth?

When you join Genting Rewards, you’ll receive your free membership card to accrue promotional points based on your gaming play. These points have a monetary value equating to $1=100 points. Points cannot be exchanged for cash.

What happens if you lose your Genting card?


Members must immediately notify GENM if their Genting Rewards Card is lost or stolen. A penalty will be imposed by GENM for replacing lost or stolen Genting Rewards Card. Such penalty may be paid in cash or by deducting Genting Points from the Member’s account.

What age can enter Genting casino?

Persons below the age of 21 and Malaysian Muslims are prohibited from entering the casino premises.

How are Genting tier points calculated?

A Genting Point is earned with every RM100 spent, and members also earn 1 Tier Point in the process, Tan said. Current Genting Rewards cardholders’ Reward Points will be converted at the same rate of 100 points to 1 Genting Point.

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What is Genting points used for?

You can utilise your GD to redeem Stay, Play, Shop and Dine privileges within the integrated resort. For redemption, 1 GD = S$1*(unless otherwise stated). Click here for the list of participating outlets accepting Genting Dollars.

Does resort World status match?

Offers from competing Las Vegas strip properties with at least 3 complimentary nights or $500 in free play or resort credit will be considered to be matched. … RWLV at its sole discretion will evaluate the relative value of competing offers, taking into account resort quality, reputation and offer strength.

What is the meaning of Genting?

Graceful; elegant. [Middle English, noble, excellent, from Old French, well-born, from Latin genitus, past participle of gignere, to beget; see genə- in Indo-European roots.]

How can I replace my Genting card?

If your card is Classic & above you’ll need to get the replacement at any membership counter located at Genting Highlands, whereas, if it is Blue card, you may get the replacement at Resors World OneHub or any Membership Counter located at Genting. Penalty for replacement card is only RM10.

Can Muslims go to Genting casino?

Needless to say, Islam prohibits Muslims from gambling and that is why ordinary Muslims are not allowed to enter the Genting Highlands casino. But hypocritically, the rich and powerful are allowed to hold directorships for a gambling concern.

Can I wear shorts in Genting casino?

Dress Code – The following items of clothing are not permitted to be worn by our patrons: Tracksuit bottoms, Vests or Sleeveless tops for gentlemen customers, Workwear, Football tops, Short shorts for gentlemen customers (knee length tailored shorts will be permitted, Gym wear & Flip Flops.

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