Who won the Lottery in Michigan?

Where was the winning Michigan lottery ticket sold?

Two Powerball tickets worth $50,000 sold in Michigan; jackpot sold in California. LANSING, Mich. (WJRT) – Two people in Michigan got close to winning the Powerball jackpot on Monday evening, but they will take home $50,000 prizes instead. The numbers drawn were 12, 22, 54, 66 and 60.

Can Michigan lottery winners remain anonymous?

Michigan winners of multistate lottery games like Powerball and Mega Millions could remain anonymous under legislation that passed the state House Wednesday. Under current law, winners of prizes over $10,000 for in-state lottery games can choose to keep their personal information private.

Who won the lottery in Michigan?

A Detroit woman is ready to make a better life for her family after winning $1 million from the Michigan Lottery playing Powerball. LaSharda Morrison, 43, matched the five white balls – 12-22-26-46-59 – in the Aug. 28 drawing to win a $1 million prize.

What city was the Lotto 47 won in Michigan?

$2.08 Million Lotto 47 Jackpot Won; Winning Ticket Bought in Warren | Michigan Lottery Connect.

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Can a trust claim a lottery prize in Michigan?

Michigan is one of several states that requires players who win multi-state jackpots, such as the Mega Millions and Powerball to be publicly identified. However, other states allow the prize winner’s identity to stay secret or for trusts to claim the prize in an effort to keep the identity private.

How much taxes are taken out of lottery winnings in Michigan?

For any Michigan Lottery prize of greater than $5,000, the Lottery is required to withhold an estimated 24 percent in federal tax and 4.25 percent in state tax.

What states can you claim the lottery anonymously?

Anonymous Lottery States 2021

  • Arizona.
  • Delaware.
  • Georgia.
  • Kansas.
  • Maryland.
  • New Jersey.
  • North Dakota.
  • Ohio.

Who is Cristy Davis?

The last player from Michigan to win a Mega Millions or Powerball jackpot was Cristy Davis of Waterford who won $70 million playing Powerball in February. With her winnings, Davis said she planned to buy a new house and car.

Where in Michigan did they win the Powerball?

In the latest Michigan Powerball drawing, one ticket matched five white balls with Power Play, winning $2 million. According to Michigan Lottery, the winning ticket was purchased at gas station in Taylor, near Pelham and Wick roads.

Has anyone ever won the Powerball in Michigan?

Powerball is played each Monday, Wednesday and Saturday night. LANSING, MI – A player in Michigan won $1 million, but there was no winner of the $325 million Powerball jackpot for the drawing held on Saturday, Aug.