What’s another way to say you bet?

What is you bet slang for?

informal. used to emphasize a statement or to mean “certainly“: “Are you coming to the party?” “You bet!”

What is meant by you bet?

phrase. You use ‘You bet’ or ‘you bet your life’ to say yes in an emphatic way or to emphasize a reply or statement.

What does you bet mean in texting?

Bet is a slang term of affirmation, agreement, or approval along the lines of “Cool!” or “I’m down!” It can also suggest doubt or disbelief: “Yeah, sure.”

How do you respond to you bet?

It just means “hey, you’re welcome.” You also might hear, “You betcha” (basically, ” You bet, You.”) “Sure thing!”

What is the origin of you bet?

The phrase is a slang which originated in the Native American way of speaking but is now popular throughout the world. … The slang came about when ‘betting’ on things to prove themselves was common and the answer to a bet would always be yes. ‘Would you take the bet?

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What does you best bet mean?

Your best bet is the action that is most likely to be successful: If you want to get to the station before ten o’clock, your best bet would be to take a cab. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Opportunity.

What is the difference between i bet and you bet?

-“you bet!” that could sometimes be heard as “you betcha” (phonetically speaking) and it means, yes, very much. 1. I bet would be a shortening of I’ll bet. -“When Bob gets home and sees this mess, he’ll be angry.”

How do you use you bet in a sentence?

You Bet

  1. “You bet I’ll be at your game. I would not miss it.”
  2. “I can help you with your project, you bet.”
  3. “You bet I’m going to talk to her, she is beautiful.”
  4. “I’m moving in a few weeks and was wondering if you could help?”
  5. “You bet. Just let me know when, and I’ll be there.”
  6. “Thanks! …
  7. “Of course.”
  8. “Definitely.”

What is the meaning of you beat?

If you beat someone or something, you hit them very hard.

How do you respond to bet?

The commonly used word ‘bet’ can also mean ‘for sure’

“Bet” is now used as a positive, laidback synonym for “OK.” For example, if someone asks if you’re coming to dinner later, you might simply respond by nodding and saying, “Bet.”

What does Aight bet mean in texting?

In AAVE (but now used by young people as slang), “bet” is similar to “okay”, so “aight bet” just means “okay” or “sure thing”.

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Why does you bet mean you’re welcome?

“Mm-hmm” is another casual or impersonal response when the more formal “you’re welcome” isn’t needed. “You bet” is an informal way of agreeing with someone, much like a casual nod. In the West, it’s another way of saying, “thanks.” Marshall Trimble is Arizona’s official historian.