What tribe owns the Gila River Casinos?

What tribe is the Gila River Indian Community?

The community is home for members of both the Akimel O’odham (Pima) and the Pee-Posh (Maricopa) tribes. The reservation has a land area of 583.749 sq mi (1,511.902 km²) and a 2000 Census population of 11,257.

Are all casinos on Native American land?

A: Federal law stipulates that tribes can operate “gaming” or gambling facilities on tribal land to promote “tribal economic development, self-sufficiency and strong tribal governments.” The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act was enacted in 1988 to regulate gambling, according to the National Indian Gaming Commission.

What language does the Gila River Indian Community speak?

Maricopa or Piipaash is spoken by the Native American Maricopa people on two reservations in Arizona: the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community and the Gila River Indian Community. Most speakers live in Maricopa Colony. The language is considered severely endangered by UNESCO.

How much is per capita for Gila River?

The quarterly per capita amount has been calculated by the Office of the Treasurer and approved for distribution January 31, 2018. The adult per capita amount is $257.21.

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