What software does clams casino use?

Did clams casino make im God for Lil B?

He followed it up with his Instrumentals 4 mixtape, released in 2017. In April 2020, Clams Casino cleared the Imogen Heap sample for his instrumental “I’m God”, which first appeared on Lil B’s 2009 album 6 Kiss. The song remains his most popular, with nearly 25 million views on YouTube.

What genre is clams casino?

What Daw does clams casino use?

Ableton Live 11

In this Instagram, Clams Casino’s MacBook can be seen running Ableton.

Who sampled clams casino God?

Clams had been toying with the idea of sampling Imogen Heap for some time before Lil B convinced him “I’m God” was worth releasing.

Who sampled just for now?

The song was also sampled in Clams Casino’s composition I’m God, featured on both Instrumentals and Lil B’s 6 Kiss, and was covered by Pentatonix on their 2015 deluxe edition of their Christmas album That’s Christmas to Me.

Just for Now.

“Just for Now”
Song by Imogen Heap
Recorded 2004
Genre Electronica Christmas
Length 3:00
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