What is Missouri Lottery jackpot now?

What is Missouri Lotto up to?

Lotto is the original in-state Draw Game that creates millionaires. The jackpot prize starts at $1 million and grows until someone hits all six numbers.

Chances Are, You’re Gonna Love It!

Match Prize Chances 1 In
3 of 6 numbers Free Ticket (QP) 1 in 21
Overall chances: 1 in 20

What lottery is tonight in Missouri?

Game Schedule

Game Sun Wed
Lotto 8:59 p.m.
Powerball 8:59 p.m.
Mega Millions
Cash4Life 7:45 p.m. 7:45 p.m.

How much is the Missouri Powerball?

Each Powerball play is still $2. Adding Power Play costs an additional $1 per Powerball play. *The 10X multiplier is available only on jackpots of $150 million or less. Double Play®: Double Play is a feature that allows Powerball players to play their numbers in a second drawing for an additional $1 per play.

How much is the Mega Millions up to?

For matching the four white balls plus the Mega Ball, 116 tickets won $10,000 each; 20 of those are actually worth $20,000 each because they also included the optional Megaplier.

Mega Millions Soars to $750 Million!

Amount Date Winning Tickets
$451 million 1/5/2018 1-FL
$437 million 1/1/2019 1-NY

What are the prizes for Powerball?

The prize structure of Powerball below can help you calculate the odds of winning the lottery:

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Numbers Matched Prize Odds of Winning
3 + Powerball $100 1 in 14,494.11
3 $7 1 in 579.76
2 + Powerball $7 1 in 701.33
1 + Powerball $4 1 in 91.98

Did anybody win the Missouri Powerball?

Missouri Lottery officials say one Powerball ticket sold in Missouri matched all six numbers to win the $96.5 million jackpot. … The winning numbers Saturday were: 13, 28, 31, 55, 58, and the Powerball number was 15.