Question: Which of the following is correct pairs of number of dots on the opposite faces of a standard dice?

What numbers are shown as dots on a die tell the numbers?

The first face has one dot, the second face has two dots, and so forth. The dots are arranged so that the total number of dots on each pair of opposite faces is 7.

What is the sum of numbers on opposite faces of die?

The sum of numbers written on opposite faces of a dice is 7. * A six sided die( plural is dice) has numbers 1 to 6 written on all the six faces. The number of spots indicate the values. * The opposite sides always sum up to 7 such as 1 and 6, 2 and 5, 3 and 4.

Which symbol is opposite the dot?

Thus, the arrow lies opposite the triangle, the square lies opposite the circle and consequently, the cross lies opposite the dot. As analysed above, the symbol opposite the arrow is the triangle.

Exercise :: Cubes and Dice – Section 2.

A. Circle
C. Dot
D. Cross

What is the symbol on the face opposite to that containing a single dot?

Detailed Solution. The front face has one dot, back face has three dots, right face has two dots, left face has four dots, top face has line and bottom face has cross. The face opposite to that containing a single dot has three dots. Hence, option 2 is the correct answer.

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What are the opposite sides of a dice?

If one or more than one number matches between two dice than it is called as an ordinary dice. In the above dice, the number ‘3’ is common in both the dice. In an open dice all the six faces of the dice are shown.

Rule -3:

Open die Opposite faces
3. 1 is opposite to 3 2 is opposite to 5 4 is opposite to 6

What is opposite 4 on a dice?

In both the positions, face number 1 is common for both dice is same. Therefore, the opposite of 4 is 2 and the opposite of 5 is 6.

Why do opposite sides of dice add up to 7?

Opposite sides of a modern die traditionally add up to seven, requiring the 1, 2, and 3 faces to share a vertex. The faces of a die may be placed clockwise or counterclockwise about this vertex.

What is the total number of dots?

There are total 21 dots on a dice.

There is 1 dot on one side.