Question: How much does the Ohio Lottery make?

How much does the Ohio Lottery make a day?

Ohioans are winning every day with the Ohio Lottery! Lottery players across the state win an average of almost $6 million* a day.

How much does the director of the Ohio Lottery make?

Salaries of Lottery Directors

State Salary
Ohio $109,241
Missouri $107,155
Indiana $106,636
Arizona $105,000

How much does the state of Ohio make from the lottery?

The Lottery has provided nearly $26 Billion in cumulative profits to the State of Ohio since inception in 1974. Last year, the Lottery distributed over $2.15 Billion in prizes to holders of winning tickets, the majority whom reside in Ohio.

How is Ohio Lottery money spent?

The Department of Education’s General Revenue Fund budget represents the largest component of primary and secondary education. These funds, along with profits from the Ohio Lottery are used to fund Ohio’s 612 public school districts, 49 joint vocational school districts, 319 public community schools and 7 STEM schools.

Does Ohio have its own lottery?

With 12 ways to win, Lot ‘O Play is the first game of its kind in the U.S. 2006 – The Ohio Lottery holds its first Raffle to Riches drawing on Sept. 4, selling 500,000 tickets during the months of August and September. The Lottery draws 509 winning raffle ticket numbers, with four top prizes of $1 million.

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How many hosts does Cash Explosion have?

Meet The Hosts of Cash Explosion: Dave McCreary, Sharon Bicknell, and Cherie McClain.

When was Ohio Lottery created?

In 1973, the Ohio Lottery Commission was created by a vote of the people of Ohio in an overwhelming margin. The following year, our first ticket, the “Buckeye 300,” went on sale that August.