Is the Avi Casino closed?

What is open at Avi Casino?


During Phase I of the reopening, the Slot Floor, Feathers Café, Mojave Roast Coffee, Road Runner Bar, Gift Shop, and KOA RV Park will be open. A limited number of hotel rooms will open on Thursday, June 11, 2020.

Do you have to wear a mask at Avi Casino?

Yes, ALL guests are required to wear masks.

Is the Avi Casino Open or closed?

Laughlin, Nevada (September 7th, 2020) – Avi Resort & Casino is NOW OPEN!!! The reopening will include new hours of operation with added health and safety protocols including property-wide deep cleaning to enhance the current sanitizing procedures performed throughout the day.

Does Avi Casino serve alcohol?

Yes, all beverages are complimentary so long as you are actively playing.

Who owns Avi Casino Laughlin?

What does Avi mean in Native American?

The Mojave call these peaks Huqueamp avi, which means ‘where the battle took place,’ referring to the battle in which the God-son, Mastamho, slew the sea serpent.”…

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