Is Procter and Gamble undervalued?

Is PG stock overvalued?

The stock of Procter & Gamble Co (NYSE:PG, 30-year Financials) gives every indication of being modestly overvalued, according to GuruFocus Value calculation. … At its current price of $135.45 per share and the market cap of $333.5 billion, Procter & Gamble Co stock appears to be modestly overvalued.

What is the intrinsic value of Procter and Gamble?

Value Per Share PG Intrinsic Value Calculation

DCF Value 284B USD
Equity Value 253B USD
/Shares Outstanding 2,428,320,000
PG Intrinsic Value 104.36 USD
Stock Market Price 139.19 USD

Is Procter and Gamble undervalued?

Based on P&G’s current Earnings yield, which is the inverse of its EV/EBIT ratio, the company is projected to return 6.22%. This is marginally above the firm’s 10-year historical median average of 6% suggesting that the company is slightly undervalued relative to its historical average.

Why is Procter and Gamble stock going up?

Its Stock Is Up. Procter & Gamble said higher commodity prices and freight costs would weigh on profits in the next fiscal year, as the consumer-goods giant posted strong results for the past quarter on Friday, with sales and earnings outpacing Wall Street’s expectations.

Is PG a good long-term investment?

Procter & Gamble’s Earnings Per Share Are Growing.

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That means EPS growth is considered a real positive by most successful long-term investors. Procter & Gamble managed to grow EPS by 15% per year, over three years. That growth rate is fairly good, assuming the company can keep it up.

Does PG have a lot of debt?

Shares of Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG) increased by 6.10% in the past three months. … Based on Procter & Gamble’s financial statement as of October 20, 2020, long-term debt is at $23.95 billion and current debt is at $7.71 billion, amounting to $31.66 billion in total debt.

How much debt does Procter and Gamble have?

The image below, which you can click on for greater detail, shows that Procter & Gamble had debt of US$28.9b at the end of March 2021, a reduction from US$36.0b over a year. However, it also had US$10.0b in cash, and so its net debt is US$18.9b.