How does the Super Bowl ticket lottery work?

How does Super Bowl lottery work?

Each year, 35% of the tickets to the Super Bowl game are given to the teams playing in the championship game—17.5% to each team. These tickets are typically divided among the sponsors and players first, then a certain number will be offered to some of the season ticket holders via a lottery.

Is there a lottery for Super Bowl tickets?

The NFL offers an annual lottery that is free to enter and offers you a chance to win a pair of Super Bowl tickets valued at between $700-$1200 each.

How are Super Bowl tickets allocated?

It is true that the league keeps 25 percent of the tickets to distribute, and that many of the people attending — especially league sponsors and corporate executives — aren’t taking money out of their own pocket. But the league is moving closer and closer to market price.

Do season ticket holders get first dibs on Super Bowl tickets?

Season ticket holders are automatically entered into a lottery for their chance to buy primary SB tickets. But not every season ticket holder is equal: preference is given to those whose team has made it to the Super Bowl, the number and type of seats you own, and how long you’ve owned said seats.

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How many Super Bowl tickets sold 2021?

The NFL has announced that 14,500 ticket-buying fans will be in attendance, along with 7,500 vaccinated health care workers that the league is letting in for free.

Most expensive tickets to Super Bowl 55.

Website Price
Vivid Seats $158,545
StubHub $217,120
NFL Exchange $34,676

How many Super Bowl tickets do players get?

Ticket allocations for the two competing teams, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs, is 17.5% each. That means both teams will receive just over 2,500 tickets each, with the majority of them given to season ticket holders, players and staff.

Can you attend Super Bowl 2021?

Yes, fans are allowed at Super Bowl 55 on Feb. 7, 2021. The exact number of fans will come out to about 22,000. The NFL has invited 7,500 vaccinated health care workers to the Super Bowl for free.

How much are Super Bowl tickets for 2022?

The 2022 Super Bowl ticket packages listed on On Location start at $5,950 per person. Depending on seat location and package details, listings even go up to $21,250 per person.

Why are Super Bowl tickets so expensive?

A big reason to why the Super Bowl tickets are so expensive is because the attendance is limited. The NFL is doing something that is amazing, with 7,500 tickets being given for free to vaccinated healthcare workers. … The average price of a ticket for Super Bowl LV is $7,589 which is a $1,179 boost from last year.

Do NFL players get free tickets?

Most players struggle with the cost-of-living adjustment and are amazed at how quickly their bank accounts dwindle. … The NFL player needs to provide for his parents like they provided for him. Family members expect free flights, free tickets, free jerseys, helmets and NFL gear.

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