How do I transfer money into my bet account?

How do I deposit money into my bet account?

How to fund BetKing account via GTBank USSD code

  1. Dial*737*50*Amount*153# from your registered phone with the bank.
  2. Enter your 6 or 7 digit BetKing User ID.
  3. Enter your pin or last 4 digits of your GTB card.
  4. Proceed with your payment, a notification will be received upon success of your deposit.

Can you deposit cash straight into your sports bet account?

What is Sportsbet Cash Top Up? Cash Top Up is an instant depositing method where you can deposit via cash, credit card or EFTPOS directly into your Sportsbet account at participating retailers. We’ve teamed up with Epay to provide over 1700 locations nationwide at a retailer near you!

How do I put money on my William Hill account?

You can deposit cash into your William Hill Nevada Mobile Sports account at any of our 100+ Sports Books across the Silver State at select locations. You can either deposit directly with a Ticket Writer or at a Sports Betting Kiosk. Use our Find a Location tool to find a convenient Sports Book near you.

How do I fund my Betbing with GTB USSD?

1. Dial *737*50*AMOUNT*153# on your mobile device (note that the telephone number on that device should be the same as registered with GTB). 4. Proceed with payment, a notification will be received upon the success of your deposit.

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How do I fund my BetKing account with UBA?


  1. i. Insert account number.
  2. ii. Select betting and lottery.
  3. iii. Select BetKing.
  4. iv. Select Deposit.
  5. v. Select Amount.
  6. vi. Insert your BetKing ID (your 6 digits Id which can be seen on the upper right side of your BetKing account once logged in).

Where can I buy sportsbet vouchers?

Buy a 1voucher from any FLASH Shop, PEP, Ackermans, Shoprite or Checkers, enter your 1voucher PIN on the our website, and your online account will be topped up/paid with the value of the 1voucher purchased.

Why can’t I deposit money on William Hill?

If the William Hill DEP03 error message comes up while you are trying to deposit funds into your account it is likely that your account hasn’t been verified yet, particularly if you have just signed up. If you’re an established user and you are getting this message it means there is an issue with your payment method.

How long does William Hill take to deposit money?

It takes about 15 minutes for the transaction to transmit the funds to your Caesars Sportsbook wagering account. There is a minimum deposit requirement of $20 per transaction and a maximum of $500 cumulative deposits per day.

What bank does William Hill use?

Customers of German banking institutions Postbank, Sparkassen and Raiffeisenbanken can use the Giropay system to fund their William Hill account. When making a deposit into your William Hill account, this simple and secure system will link you directly to your online banking application.