How do I log into my BET plus account?

Why can’t I log into bet plus?

There’s a chance you may have forgotten your password or you may have not created an account. If you are unable to set up a BET+ account or gain access to the one you have, please tap CONTACT US or email us directly at for more assistance.

How do I manage my bet Plus subscription?

If you subscribed to BET+ through, you can manage your account by visiting the website and signing in. The dashboard on allows you to change your payment method, view your payment history, or cancel your subscription.

How do I restore my bet plus account?

You can restore your subscription on your device through the Settings section of the app. Under Account, select Subscribe on the Subscription menu. Once you are taken to the subscription screen, use the Restore Purchase option at the bottom of the screen. You may be prompted to create a BET+ account.

What’s the difference between BET and BET plus?

BET+ and BET NOW are different services. BET+ features more than 1,000 hours of premium content including new, exclusive programming, iconic TV series, movie favorites, as well as documentaries and specials from BET Networks. … BET+ is home to exclusive series and more from leading Black content creators.

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How do I log into my BET Plus account?

To sign in to a BET+ account: Open the BET+ app and visit the Settings section > select Sign In. Enter your BET+ account information and tap Submit. If you have forgotten your password, please use the Forgot Password option.

How many devices can be logged into BET Plus?

Q: How many people can stream at the same time on BET Plus? A: There does not appear to be a limit for how many users can stream on one account at the moment.

How do you cancel bet Plus subscription?

How to cancel a BET Plus subscription through the website

  1. Visit the BET Plus website and log into your account.
  2. Click the gear icon in the top-right corner.
  3. Under “Subscription,” click “Manage Subscription.”
  4. Click “Cancel Subscription.”
  5. The website will ask if you want to cancel your subscription. Click “Yes, Cancel.”

How do I cancel bet plus TV?

Press the Star button on your remote to open the options menu for BET+.To unsubscribe, select Cancel subscription. Confirm by selecting Cancel subscription. A new message appears confirming the cancellation, along with a reminder of the date when you will no longer have access to the subscription. Select Done.

How do I cancel my bet+ Plus subscription on Roku?

Select Manage your subscriptions. On the My subscriptions page, you will see all of your subscriptions along with terms and renewal date. For the BET+ Premium Subscription, locate the section listed under The Roku Channel (it is indented) then select Unsubscribe next to BET+ and confirm.

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How do I restore my subscription?

Make sure the device is logged in with the Google Play Store Account that made the original purchase. – Tap on the Menu, accounts, then Subscriptions. Make sure the device is logged in with the Google Play Store Account that made the original purchase. Tap on the ”Restore Purchases” button.

Is bet+ free with Amazon Prime?

BET Plus is gonna cost you $9.99 a month, and BET+ Prime Video on Amazon is the same price at $9.99 a month. However, you may not need both! (Thankfully.) While BET+ is an app, BET+ Prime Video is a channel on Amazon Prime Video and you’ll ONLY be able to watch content from Prime Video, not on the BET+ app.

How do I change my email address on bet plus?

You can change your email address by tapping the Settings button on the home screen and visiting the Account Details section.