Can you change the vault contents casino heist?

How do you change cut in casino heist?

You change the cut when you choose the % before you leave the Arcade. You change the cut when you choose the % before you leave the Arcade.

Can you still get diamonds in the casino heist 2021?

According to veteran GTA Online players and Tez2, Diamonds have an approximately 15% chance of spawning within the vault. That probability doesn’t seem to have changed in 2021 either, as players this week have also more likely ended up with cash and artwork than Diamonds or Gold.

How do I change my vault contents casino heist Reddit?

Go to your Arcade and start the “Vault Contents” Prep. Go to the guard and hack his phone. Go to the Casino and identify the vault contents. If it isn’t the Vault Content that you want then call Lester (while still inside the Casino) and select the option that says “Cancel The Diamond Casino Heist”

How do I change primary targets in Cayo Perico?

Steps to change your target in Cayo Perico heist – in pictures

  1. Visit your Apartment in GTA Online, go to the heist setup room and start the job. …
  2. Fly the Velum plane across the map until you reach Cayo Perico. …
  3. Bypass the VOLTLab system by completing the puzzle. …
  4. Open the Sightsser app on your iFruit phone and hack the camera.
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