Best answer: What arcade should I buy for casino heist?

Which arcade is best for casino heist?

GTA Online: Best Arcade to Buy

  • Pixel Pete’s (Paleto Bay): GTA$1,235,000.
  • Wonderama (Grapeseed): GTA$1,565,000.
  • Eight-Bit (Vinewood): GTA$2,530,000.
  • Insert Coin (Rockford Hills): GTA$2,345,000.
  • Videogeddon (La Mesa): GTA$1,875,000.
  • Warehouse (Davis): GTA$2,135,000.

What do you need to buy for the casino heist?

To start planning the Diamond Casino Heist you need to buy a Retro Arcade property. All of the heist leaders have established one as a base of operations – a front business – nearby, and the retro arcade is where you can draw you the blueprint for your most audacious caper yet.

What’s the best buyer for the casino heist?

Buyers have three levels: low, middle, and high. Always go for the high-level buyer. They will offer the most amount of money. The heist will be more difficult, but if you’ve done your prep correctly, and spent cash on the right things, then you should be fine.

Does it matter which arcade you buy GTA 5?

Like any property in the game, it doesn’t seem to matter which you buy, so players should instead focus on buying an Arcade Property with the best location in relation to the map.

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Can you buy an arcade to do the casino heist?

Go to to purchase an Arcade. This gives you access to The Diamond Casino Heist planning area as a VIP, CEO or MC President. Go to to purchase an Arcade. This property allows you to access The Diamond Casino Heist and own new arcade games.

What are the requirements for the Diamond casino heist?

The minimum features are a security guard, door keypad, and security camera. Afterwards, the player may continue to scope out a total of 6 access points, or leave the area to quit. This mission may be replayed to scope any undiscovered features or access points in the future.

Who is better Paige or AVI Schwartzman?

The time difference from these hackers is not too significant. Paige Harris will give us 3 minutes 25 seconds to do the job for a cut of 9%. While Avi Schwartzman will be able to spare you 3 minutes 30 seconds for a cut of 10%.

Which Diamond Casino Heist gives the most money?

Diamond Casino Heist Max Payout

  • Cash — $2,115,000.
  • Artwork — $2,350,000.
  • Gold — $2,585,000.
  • Diamonds — $3,619,000.

How do you get max money in casino heist?

Looting diamonds lets you take the maximum possible payout from the Diamond Casino Heist, which is $3.619 million. Once your support crew and Lester’s cut are taken out, the amount left for players is $2,714,250.