Best answer: Is there gambling at Outpost?

Is there gambling in Outpost?

Over 280 gaming and slot machines. We have all your favorites, and with less crowds than most casinos, there’s no waiting around for yours to open up!

Can you gamble scrap in Rust?


You will need to take your extra scrap and go to the bandit camp/outpost in the swamp. In here there is a “casino” where you can gamble your scrap for a possible high return on investment. Why this method is great: … You don’t need much spare scrap to multiply it into a much larger sum.

How do I claim rust drops?

You must be watching a participation channel in order to receive progress towards the Drop. When you watch for the required amount of time, a claim message will appear at the bottom of chat area (top of chat on mobile) for a short period of time, where you will be able to claim the Drop.

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