Best answer: Does Key West Express have gambling?

Are there any gambling casinos in Key West Florida?

Re: Key West casinos? There are no land based casinos, there is a gambling cruise that leaves from Key West Harbour Yacht Club on Stock Island.

Does Key West Express serve alcohol?

The Key West Express strives to create a comfortable environment for all its passengers and offers air-conditioned interiors, sun deck loungers, flat screen TVs, and a full-service bar with burgers and sandwiches, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Does Key West Express have gambling?

1 answer. Correct, we do not have gambling onboard, however we have TV’s throughout and play movies on both the 1st and 2nd deck. We do have food available as well as full bar service.

Can u drive to Key West from Miami?

The drive from Miami to Key West takes about four hours on the scenic Overseas Highway — and there’s so much to do during the 110-mile trip. If you don’t already live in the area, you’ll need to start by booking your visit to Florida with a flight to Miami.

Can you bring food and drinks on the Key West Express?

Yes, you can take food and drinks but they do have a snack bar and you can get burgers, hot dogs, pizza, chicken tenders and other snacks. They also have a full bar.

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What should you avoid in Key West?

Avoid these 5 tourist traps to keep your Key West vacation relaxing and enjoyable

  • T-Shirt Shops. For years, Key West had a well-documented problem with Duval Street t-shirt shops. …
  • $5 Shops. Many of the shady t-shirt shops have tried a new line of attack – the $5 store. …
  • Jewelry Stores. …
  • Shady Art Galleries. …
  • Cosmetic Shops.

What time does Key West Express leave?

Departure from Key West is at 6:00pm. Passengers board between 5:00 and 5:30pm. Arrival on your return is generally between 9:30 and 10:00pm. over a year ago.