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Note: this guide was written long before Trial by sword was released and does not include new mechanics or take into consideration the new barbs or disappearing of inactive cities. This is directly copy/paste from my notepad as I have done with all of my guilds. There are a few obvious spelling errors which I don’t care to spend more time finding lol. Enjoy:

Tactics guide

Scholar train: it takes four-5(each hits the city for 20-30 loyalty of 100)consecutive scholar to take a city. So you send four attacks at the city each with support troops and a scholar. Best to send fake attacks first as there are ways to counter this.

Tribalwars(and travian) is basically the same game with minor differences. Google tribal wars for all the valor info on tactics you could want… And more

Fake attacks, you can use attacks for many psychological and misleading tactics. Send one suicide lancer as an attack for a while on your opponent and they will never know when your going to attack. You can also send many fake attacks, remember only 25 attacks can go out from one city so use them wisely. Later in the game only rams should be used as fakes.

Dodging, if you see an enemy is going to attack you and he is far out you can do several things to weaken the blow, use ALL your resources or send them to another city. Don’t give your attacker free resources. You can dodge losing troops to the attack by sending them away, you wont have any defense against rams and ballista or scholars if you do this but you won’t lose any troops.

Counter attack, the enemy is sending his offensive force at you… That force doesn’t have much defense. You can calculate about when his troops will arrive back to his city(or exactly if you pay close attention) and have your troops arrive only a second after his do so you can squash his offensive force.

Countering a scholar train: if the enemy has destroyed your city and has a scholar train following (sometimes you can tell because it’s four slow attacks right in a row) you can have support troops arrive in the middle of the train to destroy the scholar, this takes timing and a lot of calculation so get with someone that knows how to do it if you want to use this tactic.

take out those walls and buildings! Do not send thousands of troops without rams that is just silly. 200 or more rams makes an attack force complete. Knocking the wall down one or two levels will make your troops able to kill 5-10% more troops and more for each level of wall. Destroyed farms ensure that rebuilding takes a LOT longer and slows troop production as well. Destroying rallypoints keeps them from dodging but can be very quickly rebuilt, I have never destroyed a rally point. Academies ensure that there will be no more scholars made.

For a group of four cities only one needs to be defense(depending on the situation obviously) defense cities need defense units lancers, scouts, guardians, and rams. No zerks, knights, ballista (can use ballista for barbarian city shaping) or scholars. I am still trying to figure out the best line up on numbers and will update that later.

attack cities obviously aren’t going to be defending, so send your troops to your defense cities as support instead of leaving them high and dry.

– Hit the scholar trains! If our enemy is foolish enough to send attacks at us without masking them with sending five or six attacks every time then we may be able to see when a scholar train is coming in. Send your troops away right before the first attack lands and cancel them leaving so they come back to the city. This will cause them to arrive inbetween the attacks giving you a chance of destroying the scholar. You can also time your defensive cities to send the troops as support in the middle of the attack waves.

probably the most important rule and least followed. take your city back immediately. If you fail to interrupt the scholar train and lose your city, immediately send attacks from your attack cities. Also send two scholars ASAP and have attacks land while the scholar is en route. When your city is just taken it will only take one or two scholars to successfully take the city back since the city will only have 25 loyalty plus whatever it generates per hour while en route

Setting up your city. This is very important for several reasons. No city can have a population limit over 23k(and some change) utilizing that population is imperative.
When attacking your morale is lower when your cities points are higher, lower points for a completely developed city is better, dont worry about the rankings. Hiding places never need to be more than level 10. This will allow you enough resources after being nuked to rebuild your wall a little and rebuild your rally point if it was destroyed.) city halls can be level 25 without a huge difference in build time. Level 29 is acceptable for that little edge but level thirty affords nearly no bonus, don’t do it. After you get your city completely built you can demolish the city hall back down to 25 since it costs a lot of population and points. Forge- if you don’t need a academy you don’t need a level 20 forge level 15. eventually you will have an academy in all cities.
Barracks, stable and workshop can all be one level below max for a few more troops with little difference in recruit times. Experiment and see what works best for you really.

Pruning barbarian cities- barbarian cities stop growing somewhere between 10k-16k points. Barbarian cities don’t have to have a farm or the prerequisites to upgrade their buildings, it’s random. Using ballistas you can take out their city hall, barracks, stable, workshop, farm, market and buildings. This will ensure that they upgrade their resource buildings and warehouse more than anything and you can get the maximum resources out of a city that out enemies can’t take to mount a closer attack against us.

3 level research worlds. We want to keep our attack troops at level 3 and out defense troops at level 3. So what do we allocate to? Attack- 3zerks 3 knights 1 ram 1 ballista and 1 left can be used for scouts ram or ballista. Defense 3 lancer 3 guards 3 rams 2 scouts. If you want level 3 scouts just take one out of rams. Use rams or ballista. I will probably do half defense cities with rams half with ballis

These tactics were written out and expanded upon by The Empire, a guild I lead in world 31. Most of the players moved on to later worlds but until this day The empire is in the top 20 for all KST rankings and half the players left. Players involved in the creation include rehn(ren93) stapes, zey, kingjohn1971, lordhimmy, andurian, erzengel, mag2005, sirloki, lordrichard, tolleybeez, bluesknight, lordtrey25, darkrahl, thymus, ojek and several others that I will add as I get “hey where am I?” messages. ;-)

December 19, 2012

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