Player: Happy Slaughter

Sep. 12, 2018

We recently interviewed a long time player.  Here is what he said…

What was your first world?

  • I don’t know my first world it was one between 40-45 (was still only a teenager going to school back then) took a longer break after that.


What was your most proud Valor moment?

  • Proudest moment is tough since my playstyle keeps evolving. I’m always proud of new achievements but in the end it’s mostly the team’s effort. I could never take credit for that.


What is your advice to other players?

  • Don’t get demotivated just cuz the enemy spends more with activity and teamwork…it’s easy to overcome even hard coiners


Who do you think is the best player?

  • Next question is tough again but guess that spot has to go to joe while barb popping was still possible-he ruled that playstyle (even if I’m not a great fan of him personally)


What was your favorite world?

  • Vamplions against XXV&UA even though I got reset by week 2 of that world I managed to come back with multiple active alts on top 10 roster a few weeks later (and we beat joe there too) that world gold purchases didn’t work for first week of world which didn’t bother me at all,  but it gave me a big early advantage (which was gone again after my 52 city account got reset)


Why are all your names cat related?

  • Cuz cats are Pawsome  -_-
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