FINALLY! Something NEW!

Sep. 21, 2018

NEW! Nerd Farming Fix! After months of testing, we are finally ready to reveal a true Nerd Farming fix! When a player has more nerds than she should be able to educate (negative nerds) based on the number of scholarships she has purchased, the player’s nerds will lose their effectiveness by way of a loyalty reduction. The player still will be able to educate and use her nerds, but the more negative she becomes, the more useless the nerds become. If the player becomes too negative, her nerds will cease to affect loyalty making the nerds useless. While nerd farming is technically still possible, a player can go as negative as they want, the usefulness of that endeavor is entirely removed from the game. If a player captures a nerd from an enemy, making her negative, the loyalty reduction will be negligible. This ensures that only players who abuse the negative nerd exploit to nerd farm will be punished by way of the loyalty reduction.

NEW! Premium Item! For the first time since Premium Scholarship Valor has a new item in the store, Shield. With Shield, players can now shield themselves from new incoming attacks for eight hours with only a twelve-hour cooldown. Shield acts the same way as truce while being cheaper with a shorter duration and cooldown. One of the biggest complaints we get on a regular basis is how frustrating it is to wake up to incoming attacks or having lost a city, or even worse having been reset. With Shield, you can now protect yourself while you, while on a plane, or while at work without having to wait 24 hours to renew that protection.


  • Cost: 25 gold
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Cooldown: 12 hours
  • Description: Activate a shield, and all troop commanders, including your own, cannot issue any new troop movements to and from your cities for 8 hours. You can enable with incoming attacks or support; these existing troop movements will be completed. However, no one will be able to attack or support your cities while the shield is in effect. A badge on the map indicates your status to everyone. Once the shield is over, you must wait 12 hours to be able to activate shield again. Any Barbarian cities you control do not fall under the shield. Troops can move freely to and from those cities as usual.

Shield and Truce share a cooldown. This means if you activate Shield, you will have to wait 12 hours to activate Shield or Truce at the conclusion or cancellation of Shield. If you activate Truce, you must wait 24 hours to activate Truce or Shield at the conclusion or cancellation of Truce.

Welcome to the new Valor, where things get done and the owners listen.

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