Fixes, Rebuild and Something New!

Nov. 15, 2018


Quick update, and then a couple of announcements!

We have the back-end of the Valor App complete (the hard part) and the front-end is being rewritten in Unity (which allows us to launch on iOS and Android simultaneously with a single app). We ran into some issues with the way the map infinitely scrolls in Unity, but we have fixed that issue and we are testing it as I type. Hang in there, we are in the home stretch and there is light at the end of this tunnel!


Go follow our Twitter accounts, @ValorTheGame, WOLF will be posting on Twitter and Facebook more often.


That leads into the first of our two announcements:

  1. We will be creating a new title/badge for those of you who stick it out with us until the relaunch. This will be a title/badge no returning veteran or NEW player could ever get. More details coming soon.
  2. A few players in the community have been working on a really exciting companion app to Valor that Quark has decided to publish. The app is called the VCA, or Valor Companion App. See below for some teaser shots.
    1. We will have a beta of this app soon and need your help to test. If you are interested, message Beemer about ways you can help test it.

Fight on!

  • Wolf, JOR, Beskull, Beemer, and Reptar
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